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Practical Analysis and Application of ASD Spectral Data Workshop


Focusing on exploration for epithermal and porphyry Au-Cu deposits, this workshop aims to provide participants with understanding of the fundamentals of spectral analysis. More importantly a number of case studies from Indonesia and worldwide will be used to illustrate how spectral data can successfully be applied, using a practical approach towards discovering world class gold ore deposits.

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Opening by Ir. Bambang Gatot Aryono, MM (Dirjend. Minerba)
Keynote Speaker:

  • Geological Survey Agency
  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Wahyu Sunyoto (VP PT Freeport Indonesia)
  • Colin Davies (VP PT J-Resources Nusantara)
  • Peter Stoker HonsFAusIMM (CP)
  • Yoseph Swamidharma (KCMI)
  • Mike Corey (Augur Resources)*

And 25 Invited papers from exploration and mining major companies

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Resource/Potential Range Analysis (RPRA) Workshop


Assessing Natural resources opportunity requires sound methodology and technique to ensure there will be no potential opportunity lost due to inadequate process and yet has to be in accordance with reporting codes. Any uncertainties, risk, and opportunities need to be assessed thoroughly and systematically As also aware, most of reporting codes oblige any quantitative quote for ‘exploration target’ has to be reported in range due to its nature of uncertainties and characteristics.

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Visi dan Misi 3 Calon Ketua MGEI 2014 - 2016


Semangat pagi~!
Rekan MGEI-ers, berikut profil calon KETUA MGEI 2014-2016 nomor urut 1.


Nama : Arif Zardi Dahlius
Tempat/tgl lahir : Tegal, 13 Oktober 1970
NPA : B-005
Alamat rumah : Pesona Somerset N5-15, Kota Wisata, Cibubur
Institusi : PT Rancabulan Penjuru Mineral
Alamat institusi : Jalan Rancabulan 130, Ciumbeluit Bandung

VISI : Menjadikan MGEI sebagai organisasi profesi "economic geology" yang berwibawa baik di tingkat nasional maupun regional

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