System Implementation Committee of Competent Person IAGI will verify the candidate Competent Person Indonesia (CPI). CPI candidate in the verification process required to conduct self declare and percentage before verifiers teams consisting Grandfather Clause and the CPI. As detailed verification activities to be performed as follows below:

Verification Schedule

  • Day / Date                        : 18-19 (Friday-Saturday) September 2015
  • Time                                : 09:00 pm - Finish
  • Place                               : Secretariat IAGI (Rukan Crown Palace Complex Block C 28 Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH 231, Tebet - South Jakarta 12870)

Pre-Verification Activities Schedule

1. Preparation of Documents Verification

  • Decision Documents : Starting 24 August 2015
  • Returns Documents  : 25 August to 4 September 2015

Note: Forms can also be obtained at the secretariat MGEI / IAGI or requests via email

2. Refreshing KCMI code and system Competent Person IAGI

  • Day / Date                         : Friday, September 11, 2015
  • Time                                 : 16:00 - Finish
  • Place                                : Secretariat IAGI

Candidate Requirements CPI

  1. Members IAGI and MGEI
  2. Graduates S1 Engineering Geology / Mining.
  3. Have work experience in the field of Exploration and Mining that at least 5 years in the relevant field in accordance with the category of the CPI and Komodit i expertise. 
  4. Fill out an application form and complete the other requirements.
  5. Choose one commodity and one CPI categories that are relevant to their experiences.

For more information regarding the verification requirements, please refer to the following page or contact:

Secretariat MGEI:; telephone: 62 21 83702848

Best regards,
Special Committee on Implementation competen Person IAGI

Yoseph Swamidharma